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Gold Rush Pep Rally Tradition to Welcome in New Football Season | Business

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Gold Rush Pep Rally Tradition to Welcome in New Football Season
Gold Rush Pep Rally Tradition to Welcome in New Football Season

Gold Rush, a Mary Persons High School pep rally tradition, returns to Dan Pitts Stadium this Thursday at 7 p.m. The pep rally kicks off the football season as Mary Persons plays Jackson High School  at home on Friday, August 30.  

9/6 At Jones County
9/13 Vs Henry County
9/20 At Perry
9/27 At Howard
10/4 Vs Westside
10/18 Vs Rutland (Homecoming)
10/25 At Baldwin
11/1 Vs Veterans (Senior Night)
11/8 At West Laurens

Monroe County School System appreciates fans and patrons for their enthusiasm, team support, hospitality and sportsmanship. Our team's success is shaped not only by our players, coaches and employees, but by our fans as well. Our student performances are enhanced by a responsible, attentive audience that shows appreciation for our students and their efforts. Our goal is to promote a high-energy environment to lend support to our students, while maintaining a wholesome, family-oriented, student-focused atmosphere by defining certain acts or types of behavior that are unacceptable.

Artificial noise-makers (such as compressed or diaphragm air horns, whistles, drums,  cymbals, etc.) will not be allowed in any Monroe County School System events held in any and all athletic and performance facilities. Monroe County School System reserves the right to remove a noisemaker of any kind if it is interfering with others' enjoyment of the game or performance.

Irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated at Monroe County School System athletic or performance events. Unruly patrons will be subject to ejection, arrest, and/or possible loss of ticket privileges. This applies to all employees of the Monroe County School System, their sub-contractors or designees, stadium visitors, members of the press, and ticketed patrons. 

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