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Forsyth man carries cross on Easter morning | Community Spirit

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Forsyth man carries cross on Easter morning

A Forsyth man carried a cross nearly four miles Sunday morning from Courthouse Square to New Beginning Church.

It was part of a costumed demonstration illustrating the crucifixion of Jesus.

The walk included a bloody Jesus carrying a 10-pound cross in front of three soldiers.

"If we can portray just a glimpse of what we know and we believe he went through for us, if one person can ride by and see that, it'll be worth everything we're doing today," Richard Passmore, who carried the cross, said.

Passmore is New Beginning's youth pastor.

"Throughout my portrayal of Jesus Christ, just the mental pictures that l've gotten in my portrayal, I just constantly think about what he must have gone through, what he must have felt for me," Passmore said.

It wasn't just a day's work.

"Probably about 3 months of practicing. Hours and hours every week," Passmore said. "Mentally, I prayed a lot. I spent a lot of time in the Word. I grew my beard out. I didn't have enough time to grow my hair out, but I think this will do just fine."

Even New Beginning's youngest members helped out.

"I'm playing the guardian angel for Jesus," 11-year-old Logan Landers said.

Though this Easter Sunday, it's just a play, they say the meaning behind the cross they carry is genuine.

"It means everything to me, because without it, I'd be lost," Ashly Goolsby said.

Randi Passmore is legally blind but spent weeks creating all of the decorations and props, church members said.

"Easter means resurrection, new life, eternal life," Randi Passmore told me.

"Easter means everything to me," associate pastor Cody Fountain said.

The play "He Gave All For Me" was written by church member Candace Fountain.

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