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Just One Left in Current ‘Countdown’ at Monroe County Animal Control | Community Spirit

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Just One Left in Current ‘Countdown’ at Monroe County Animal Control
Just One Left in Current ‘Countdown’ at Monroe County Animal Control

Thanks to networking among rescuers and adopters helping to save the day, all but one dog is now off the Monroe County Animal Control euthanasia list for Tuesday, Feb. 12.

As of Thursday, there were three, but two now have adoption holds. That means chances are good that they have new homes, but that happy outcome is far from certain. Until the dog goes out the front door to its new life, it remains listed on the euthanasia list.

Rojo is the only dog on "the list" for euthanasia this coming Tuesday who does not have a rescue or potential adopter lined up.

The fee for neutering Rojo will be paid via donations, so all you have to do is go to the shelter, fall in love, pay a measly $30 and take Rojo home with you. What could be simpler?

Rojo is a male mixed breed dog. Speculation abounds on his exact parentage, but he almost certainly has some German shepherd in the mix, along with possibly some Saint Bernard and/or Rhodesian ridgeback. Regardless of his heritage, Rojo is a friendly guy who seems to get along well with other dogs. He is large at 60 pounds, but could actually stand to gain a little weight.

Rojo loves to get and give attention, enjoys long walks and since he likes being petted, he may take well to regular brushing to keep his pretty red coat shiny. He is probably a young adult. Rojo can jump a 4-foot fence, so will need an enclosure higher than that to contain him, as he is curious and adventuresome.

Monroe County Animal Control is at 157 L. Cary Bittick Drive in Forsyth (click for map). The shelter is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Call (478) 994-7976 for more information, or click here to send e-mail. Click here to see photos of other adoptable dogs at the shelter.

If you can’t adopt or foster but would still like to help, consider donating to the rescue fund. Click here to donate.

Susan Edge Photography takes the photos of the dogs available at Monroe County Animal Control (there are no cats), and you can view other adoptable dogs at the shelter by clicking here.

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