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New Grading System For Monroe County | Education

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New Grading System For Monroe County

A new grading system in Monroe County schools has some people scratching their heads. 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet went to Forsyth to find out what's new and why they decided to change their grading scale.

Students in Dara Gastley's first grade class will start seeing the new grading system next week  "When we grade their papers and assess them we'll write the scores, the number and the criterion score." explains Gastley.

Assistant Superintendent Angie Dillon says they've always graded students in kindergarten through second grade on standards, but now they're adding third grade and changing to numbers.

"We want our children to be successful, and research shows that this assessment method is the way to make sure that all children are successful." says Dillon.

The system breaks down each lesson the student needs to master within the state's standards. "Instead of just saying they got a five in Math overall, well they may have a four in Addition and they may have a three in Data Analysis. So those parents can see that we need to work at home, and the teacher will also see that they need a little more improvement in Data Analysis, " explains Gastley. 

She says she thinks the new system will be easier for students and parents to follow. And Dillon says the new system shouldn't prevent students from successfully transferring to different districts.

"On the report card, if you have a child with a three, there is a key on the report card that shows you what the three stands for and then there's another key that gives a descriptor of what that number stands for so it's very clear on the report card," says Dillon.

She says they're taking on one grade level at a time so everyone has a chance to get use to it as they move up.

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