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Monroe Co. School Confident in Tornado Prep Plans | Families

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Monroe Co. School Confident in Tornado Prep Plans
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by Judy Le, 13WMAZ.com

Parents send off their children to school hoping they will be safe. But the weather is beyond our control, so all most hope for is that teachers and staff are prepared. 

Windows and high ceilings are places students should avoid. 

More space around you means more area to be damaged by the wind. In case of a tornado, students at T.G. Scott in Forsyth will hear: "We are under a tornado warning, and you need to take cover immediately."

875 pre-k through 5th graders, along with 110 staff members file out into hallways with no glass windows and the lowest ceilings possible.

"What we have them do is bend over and pull their head underneath, in that manner, to protect their head," says principal Richard Bazemore. 

In schools, the best place to hide are hallways and interior walls like bathrooms.

"As you go down this all and to the left, there are a lot of doors so we stay away from the doors and closer to this corner so we're away from that flying glass," he says. 

There are practice drills three times a year. It's all a part of the safety plan that's Georgia Emergency Management approved.

"Short of a direct hit, I think we have the best procedures in place that we can to protect everybody in the building," Bazemore says. 

If the building takes a direct hit and walls turn to rubble, the schools have an emergency preparedness plan with people to contact and ways to get students to an evacuation point.

Families, Schools

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