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Monroe County restaurant ratings
Monroe County restaurant ratings

See how Monroe County restaurants rated with the Georgia Department of Health from March 25-April 25:

  • 100-Rum Creek Pizza
  • 99-Wendy's
  • 99-Taco Bell
  • 97-Miss Hattie's Kitchen and Bakery
  • 97-Twila Faye's Tea Room
  • 96-Ann's Deli
  • 96-Grits Cafe
  • 96-Lockett's Country Cooking
  • 96-Subway N. Lee St.
  • 95-Subway in Walmart
  • 95-Dairy Queen
  • 92-Big Chic
  • 92-Captain D's
  • 92-Hong Kong Palace
  • 90-El Tajado
  • 90-Hardee's
  • 90-Waffle House, 444 Tift College Dr.
  • 89-Waffle House, N. Lee Street

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