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World Cup comes to Monroe Recreation | Families

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World Cup comes to Monroe Recreation
World Cup comes to Monroe Recreation

About 25 kids attended the Challenge Sports British Soccer Camps, hosted by the Monroe County Recreation De partment last week. Two British coaches, Jared Brooks and Scott Hambleton, were the camp’s instructors. The duo, which played together on a British university team, has led 18 soccer camps in the U.S. over the past two summers.  Hambleton and Brooks both agreed that the U.S.’s recent success in the World Cup has motivated a lot more American children to play this summer than last. Hambleton, who accurately predicted Germany’s victory on Sunday, even said “there were a few hidden gems” at the Monroe County camp. Brooks said he was particularly impressed by the female turnout, saying that women seem to enjoy playing soccer more in the U.S. than in England. Hambleton said of the camp: “The rec has been great. It’s not always like this. We’ve got a good setup, a really nice field, everything we need. We’ve got great kids as well.”

While Hambleton said it took him some time to get used to the 95-plus degree heat the campers faced last week, Brooks said he enjoyed the drastic temperature difference from his home country despite missing his British energy drink Lucozade. “I’ve been in Florida for the past four weeks,” Brooks said. “So I’m sort of used to it. . . I love the heat. I’m from London where it’s raining the whole time. I promised myself I would never complain in my whole life that it’s too warm.” Camp participants included: Kinzee Grace Wheeler, Tristan Hunt, Haylee Woodall, Keith Posey, Saydie Vandable, Kent Mantle, Devin Hammonds, Tanner Lee, Nicholas Joseph, Brandon Hammonds, Josiah Knight, Gabriel Lee, Malaki Knight, Karlie Dell, Dawson Dell, Emily Brennaman, Andrew Marlowe, Madison Bogulski, Hunter O’ Neal, Skylar Amerson, Grayson Bellwin, Penn Tyler, Pace Ward and Joriya Knight.

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