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New businesses help Forsyth grow

New businesses help Forsyth grow
Downtown development is on Loraine Khoury's radar. "All cities go in cycles and we're coming for a low cycle now, we're headed back up," said Khoury
Khoury is the Executive Director of the Forsyth Downtown Development Authority,
She says she hopes to see the city grow into a place more people want to visit. "It's going in the right direction. We're trying to grow and improve our retail in downtown. So I'm just real pleased. It's kinda like dominoes, they start falling and then one right after the other," said Khoury.
Khoury says about 13 new businesses have opened in the downtown area over the last two years. She says that number shows what the future may hold for the city of Forsyth. "We are looking to be a village. We want some unique businesses to come in and open up so it'd be interesting. We'd like to have some maybe art studios," said Khoury.
And Freddy Butts agrees.

Train strikes van in Bolingbroke

A witness told 13WMAZ that a train struck a van at a railroad crossing in south Monroe County Friday afternoon.

It happened just after noon off Rivoli Road in Bolingbroke.

Elaine Schmitt, who owns an antique store near the crossing, says the van had slowed on the tracks due to another vehicle slowing down, and the van driver apparently thought he had cleared the tracks.

But he hadn't. She said a slow-moving train moving through town clipped the back of the van, causing some damage.

The driver pulled off the tracks and stopped nearby.

So far, there's no word on injuries.

Schmitt said the train was sounding its horn loudly, as usual, as it approached the crossing.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office could not be reached for comment, and a Norfolk Southern Railroad spokesman had no information on the accident.

Putnam Co. man pleads guilty to possession of a firearm

Putnam Co. man pleads guilty to possession of a firearm

An Eatonton man entered a guilty plea Thursday for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in a Macon district court.

Christian MacKean, 37, was driving a pick-up truck in August of 2013 when he was pulled over in Monroe County for speeding, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's office. He refused to show his driver's license or his insurance card, the release states. McKean reached for something and the officer who stopped him noticed a bulge under his shirt, the release states, and suspected there was a weapon. The officer called for backup.

City of Forsyth creating convention and visitors bureau

City of Forsyth creating convention and visitors bureau
The city of Forsyth is creating a Convention and Visitors Bureau. The city sent the idea to the legislature and it was approved. Bonnie Barker has owned the Anvil Room in downtown Forsyth for more than a year. She said they typically see around 300 people wining and dining in the restaurant, but she hopes the new visitors bureau will drive that number up. "People that live here, we know what a great town this is. And so we think it will be a good way to let people know more about us and we have new things coming in all the time," Barker said. Nancy McComb, another small business owner in Forsyth, said the visitors bureau will help her growing retail store, High Cotton. "I think that it's gonna bring people in off of the interstate.

Frank Malloy says his wife's condition improving

Frank Malloy says his wife's condition improving

Our colleague Frank Malloy says that his wife Marilyn's condition is improving after she was critically injured in a car crash and doctors are satisfied with her progress.

And he said: "our family remains overwhelmed by the continued support of so many wonderful people in Central Georgia. We feel truly blessed!!"

Frank told us that Marilyn had surgery Tuesday for a broken leg and that it went well.

She was injured Monday afternoon when her car left the northbound lane of Rivoli Drive, went down an embankment and hit a tree.

It happened near Wesleyan Drive.

Marilyn Malloy is being treated at the Medical Center.

Monroe Co. stakes claim on north Bibb land

Monroe Co. stakes claim on north Bibb land

Monroe County has fired a new shot in their long-running border battle with Bibb County.

They've posted a new sign on Forsyth Road showing where they believe the actual border is. It's less than a half-mile south of the traditional border line.

Bibb County officials have added to the sign -- calling Monroe's border "contested."

The two counties have battled for years on where the border should be drawn.

Last year, a Fulton County judge ordered the border moved several hundred yards into Bibb County.

That would have moved dozens of homes and millions of dollars in property into Monroe County.

But earlier this year, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled the Fulton judge was wrong.

Check back with 13WMAZ.com for updates on this story today.

Free McDonald's coffee for two weeks

Free McDonald's coffee for two weeks

If you like to start your morning off with a cup of coffee, you can get one for free for the next couple of weeks.

McDonald's is offering customers nationwide a free small cup of McCafe coffee for two weeks.

The promotion starts today at participating locations.

Customers can only get the free coffee during regular breakfast hours.
The offer from McDonald's comes as fast food competitor Taco Bell rolled out its first breakfast menu last week.