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Athlete of the Week: Kiki Calloway | News

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Athlete of the Week: Kiki Calloway

This week's Athlete of the Week is young, but she has made a big impact at Mary Persons.

Literature teacher Allen Smith is pretty impressed with one of the sophomores in his class, Kiki Calloway.

"She is an amazing student, and it's not just my class. I know she's taking other challenging classes as well," he said.

Kiki has built an impressive transcript in her young high school career.

The kid has stacked up eight advanced or honors courses.

And despite that tough curriculum, she also carries a 92 average.

"I think, by nature, she is soft-spoken but every time she opens her mouth and says something, it's something profound coming out of it," Smith said.

"I do what I need to do to get where I want to go, and I want to go to college and play basketball, so I know I have to get good grades," Calloway said.

She's got the ball skills to go along with those brains.

Head Coach Kurt Green says she led the team in scoring last season, dumping in fourteen points a game as a freshman.

"She is probably the most fundamentally-sound girl I think I've ever coached," Green said. "Somebody did a good job when she was growing up of teaching her the fundamentals of basketball."

That somebody was Kiki's dad. She says her parents let her apply her own classroom pressure.

But her father finds ways to keep her athletic talents sharp on the weekends.

"I'm shooting free throws and I have to make eight out of ten. If I don't, I have to run four sprints," she said with a grin.

If you're counting percentages, it's a good bet that Kiki will one day achieve what she ultimately wants: a college degree and a chance to play at the next level.


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