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Culloden Celebrates Rich History | News

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Culloden Celebrates Rich History

Forsyth is the biggest city in Monroe County, but it's not the oldest. That title goes to Culloden. It's a town with less than 200 people, that's not only older than Forsyth, but Monroe County itself.

Culloden was named after a small town in Scotland, and its founder, William Culloden came upon this spot, just four years after America's independence.

"William Culloden started a trading post and all of his trading was done with the Indians," said Charles "Edd" Norris, a local history buff. "A lot of the places that took place in Culloden they probably have never seen before, because this was civilization to them."

One of the historical spots to check out while in town is the Culloden United Methodist Church. Norris said the bricks to build that church came from an ocean away.

"The brick in that Methodist church came from England and it came by ship to Savannah and from Savannah to here," said Norris. "It came by ox-car and that had to be a lot of ox-car cause there is a lot of brick in that church."


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