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Art Exhibit Asks 'How are you connected to Monroe County?"

A Judged Multi-Media Show that asks:  
How are you connected to Monroe County? 

The art exhibit will hang September 1 through October 21, 2011 and may be viewed Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, visit monroearts.blogspot.com

Forestry Association Plans Landowner Meeting


The Georgia Forestry Association would like to invite you to its Forsyth Regional Forest Landowner Meeting, which will be held at the newly constructed Monroe County Clubhouse on Thursday, September 22nd at 6:00 PM. 

That's according to a Georgia Forestry Assocation news release.

This meeting will provide a valuable educational opportunity, help you stay current with news in the Forestry community, and offer food and fellowship with your friends in forestry.

Early September Marks Dove Season Opener

Hunters statewide can celebrate the beginning of dove season at noon Saturday, Sept. 3.

That's according to a Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) news release.

The official 2011-2012 dove seasons are Sept. 3-18, Oct. 8-16 and Nov. 24 - Jan. 7. Shooting hours are noon until sunset on opening day (Sept.3) of the first season and one-half hour before sunrise to sunset for the remaining two seasons. Sunrise and sunset times for each day are found in the 2011-2012 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations guide or online at www.georgiawildlife.com .

The daily bag limit is 15 doves per hunter. Additionally, there have been some reports of white-winged doves in Georgia.  White-winged doves may be harvested, but count toward the daily bag limit of 15.

Wildlife Management Expo Set for Thursday

Wildlife Management Expo Set for Thursday

A wildlife management expo takes place in Forsyth at the Middle Georgia Convention Center.

The expo is set for Thursday, August 25 starting at 5 p.m.

Speakers include Rusty Drew, wildlife specialist, Phillip Culpepper, a producer for Realtree Road Trips and Daniel Thomas, a producer of Realtree Outdoors TV Show.

For more information, call 478-992-6995.

Where to Get your Hunting or Fishing License

Hunting and fishing license agents in Monroe County, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

FORSYTH, GA   31029
(478) 994-0163

FORSYTH, GA   31029

MACON, GA   31220
(478) 935-8515

10 Tips To Help Parents & Teens on Facebook

10 Tips To Help Parents &  Teens on Facebook

Until last year, I had thought facebook was a tool for just teenagers and young adults.  They grew up with technology that we (40’s-ish) cannot comprehend.  Before I got the “aha” about Facebook, I thought that it was for people who wanted to vent about their day.  To our teens it’s so much more than that- It’s about identity (their own and everyone else’s).  Their Facebook page is an extension of their personalities, with games, pictures (and lots of them), status, friends, a place to vent, likes and dislikes. 

 What we (40’s-ish) do not understand is how to protect them.  They have so much information out there on the net that it could come back to haunt them one day.  So I began to look into this and this is what I found:

Frog Slog: Learn to Identify Frog Callings

Learn how to identify frogs by their calls, then try to identify the frogs you hear and maybe even find one.

This is taking place at High Falls State Park on Saturday, July 9 from 6-7:30 p.m.

Wear shoes that can get wet. Meet at the swimming pool pavilion.

$2 per person plus $5 parking.

Call 478-993-3053 for more information.