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National Guard Trains with Rifles in Forsyth

Before national guard soldiers take the front line, they practice on the sidelines.

Soldiers from all over Central Georgia came to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth to further their training.

They train in full uniform with an M-4 rifle. 

The soldiers shoot at a paper target, the goal is to make it into the bowling pin. That's where the vital organs are. 

Soldiers first learn to use the gun, then shoot without bullets, and finally with live ammunition. 

The repetition builds muscle memory, but the time spent with one another builds lifelong friendships.

"If he sees you keep going and not giving up, and giving 100-percent then he's going to do the same for you. When you get overseas and you're put in those situations you know you can count on the guys to your left and right," says Sgt. James Seets of Columbus.

13 Signs School is Back

13 Signs School is Back

Summer is over for students, teachers and faculty and school is back!

1. Your teacher friends have lamented about their summer ending in Facebook statuses.

2. You find yourself maneuvering around Sonny Carter Elementary School's parent traffic when trying to turn left into Chick-Fil-A.

3. You wake up to find that your whole Facebook news feed is photos of children with backpacks on their front doorstep.

4. You can hear yourself think at the public pool.

5. If you are late to work, it is now possible you will get stuck behind a constantly stopping school bus for most of your commute.

6. You drive down Feagin Mill Road and end up sitting in traffic on Feagin Mill Road while parents attempt to pick up their middle-schoolers.

7. You can now easily find your favorite office pens on sale at the front of the mega stores.

8. Suspiciously gleeful adults...as well as tearful ones, wandering the aisles at Kroger.

Juliette Water Plant Unused for 5 Years

Juliette Water Plant Unused for 5 Years

People in Juliette don't have county water. 

They rely on wells.

Now, the county does own a water treatment plant in Juliette but the catch is, people don't see a drop of that water.

Ground water is contaminated with varying levels of radium and uranium and needs to be tested every year.

"If it was not dangerous they wouldn't tell me to continue to test it," says Greg Elrod, who has lived off Dames Ferry Road for the last 14 years. 

The County's solution was to spend more than $750,000 to buy and renovate Plant Camelia, a water treatment plant in Juliette. 

That was five years ago.

"It comes down to the voting members of the board and what they decide. The commission has used water money more so to get votes than deliver the services that we needed to deliver to the citizens," says Monroe County Commission Chairman Mike Bilderback.

Bilderback has been a strong advocate for clean water in Juliette.

State Investigates Forsyth Horse Stables

A state agency visited a Forsyth stable Monday to look into complaints of malnourished horses.

Mat Thompson of the equine health office of the Department of Agriculture, said he stopped by Hearts and Hooves Stables Monday and found multiple violations.

He would not describe them, saying it's still an open investigation.

Allison Selman-Willis, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's office, says the state agency came to weigh the horses

She said the sheriff's office will be involved if it becomes a criminal case. Thompson says the county's involvement "remains to be seen." 

We could not reach the stable's owners for comment.


Road Maintenance This Week

The Georgia Department of Transportation released a road maintenance schedule for this week in various Central Georgia counties.

Crews working should only need to close shoulders or medians, according to the release.

See where crews are planning to work between Tuesday, July 23 through Friday, July 26 anywhere between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

In Peach County:
--Mowing and weed-eating on SR 49 and SR 42

--Brush and tree cutting on SR 27 and SR 230

Macon County
--Mowing/weed-eating on SR 49, 90, 127 and 224

--Brush and tree cutting on SR 19

--Mowing and weed-eating on SR 18 and SR 44

--Brush and tree cutting on SR 42

Multiple Wrecks Slow Traffic in Monroe County

Monroe County deputies and the Georgia State Patrol are working multiple wrecks near mile marker 181 on Interstate 75 in Monroe County.

Multiple cars are involved in both wrecks and lanes are blocked near the I-75 and I-475 split in Monroe County.

Drivers are encouraged to take an alternate route to avoid delays.

Paw Print Camp is a Hit in Forsyth

It's a preseason softball tournament that started with just 6 teams now it's grown to 5 times as big. The annual Paw Print Softball camp hosted by Mary Persons has been a hit in Forsyth this week. The camp fielded 30 schools from across the state with more than 700 players over the past 5 days. There were 79 games across 5 different fields giving the diamond girls a chance to improve their skills over the summer in time for school tryouts then regular season play.

Shipman says, "It gives coaches a chance to see their players play together before the season starts and see what kind of younger talent is coming up. You can't get this kind of experience in practice, these are game like conditions. They get to see teams and pitchers they don't normally see that could help them out during the regular season. It also helps out the businesses and the economy around here so it's just a good camp for everybody."