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Monroe Co. Employee Arrested for Animal Cruelty

A Monroe County jail secretary was arrested on Tuesday for animal cruelty.

Angel Adridge, 34, was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

Over a week ago, deputies responded to call made by a neighbor.

They found one dog dead and another dog that looked malnourished.

Aldrige was released shortly after her arrest and placed on suspension.

Her dog was taken into custody and turned over to Monroe County Animal Control.

The sheriff's office is continuing its investigation.




Super Dog!

Thanks to Vicki Jolley for sending this photo of her dog, Finn, taken by Susan Edge!

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How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

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(These are just ideas to get you started. Feel free to come up with your own blog ideas!)

  • Post about your hobby: 
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Jill, the Pointer and Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jill, the Pointer and Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Meet the pet of the week: Jill!

From Save a Pet's notes:

Our dog this week is Jill.  Jill is a young adult Pointer and Jack Russell Terrier mix.  She is spunky and has attitude.  Jill is fun, playful and  gets along well with other dogs.  She is initially shy, but once she warms up all she wants to do is hug you.  Jill is around 2 years old and is being sponsored by The National Criminal Defense College through The CARES Homeless Pet Club.

She's located at Save A Pet in Bolingbroke.

Just One Left in Current ‘Countdown’ at Monroe County Animal Control

Just One Left in Current ‘Countdown’ at Monroe County Animal Control

Thanks to networking among rescuers and adopters helping to save the day, all but one dog is now off the Monroe County Animal Control euthanasia list for Tuesday, Feb. 12.

As of Thursday, there were three, but two now have adoption holds. That means chances are good that they have new homes, but that happy outcome is far from certain. Until the dog goes out the front door to its new life, it remains listed on the euthanasia list.

Rojo is the only dog on "the list" for euthanasia this coming Tuesday who does not have a rescue or potential adopter lined up.

Brothers of the Heart

Brothers of the Heart

Best friends forever. Bonded. Soulmates.

Those are some of the ways Blackie and Sammy are described by those who have met them down at the Bibb-Macon animal control facility at 1010 Eleventh Street in Macon.

Turned in by their owners, who could no longer keep them, these young dogs huddle together in their kennel, confused and unsure about why they are there and what will happen to them.

Sammy is a full-blooded Labrador retriever with the typical happy-go-lucky, "let's play" demeanor when he's taken out of the kennel. Blackie is a lab mix and a little more reserved -- a little shy, maybe, or a little more afraid of what the future may hold. He stays as close to Sammy as he can, for reassurance, to be near a familiar loved one.