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Photographer Focuses His Camera on Homeless Pets

Photographer Focuses His Camera on Homeless Pets

Kenneth Clark, a professional photographer in Forsyth, recently found a way to expand his portfolio: taking photos of homeless pets at Monroe County Animal Control.

A far cry from the often heartbreaking pictures of hopeless dogs imprisoned behind in dreary steel kennels, Clark's photos show the dogs at their best.

"I had seen on the news that another photographer in some other state had taken pictures of shelter dogs and it helped," Clark said. "So I decided to do my part here in Monroe County."

Clark, who owns KC Professional Photography, said he plans to return to the shelter whenever new dogs come in so he can take their photos.

Concert to Benefit "Paws for Hope and Faith"

Concert to Benefit "Paws for Hope and Faith"

Paws for Hope and Faith is a community of dedicated animal lovers whose goal is to wipe out abuse, homelessness and the killing of pets in municipal animal shelters.

The group, formed by Shane and Janet Smith, honors the legacy of Hope, a dog nearly decapitated in Monroe County. Hope had been tied with electrical wire in the woods, and her struggle to free herself caused the wire to nearly several her neck completely.

Despite intensive medical care and the Smith's love and support, Hope ultimately succumbed to her injuries last year.

"...Hope’s message inspired so many people worldwide, we formed a united global community to honor Hope’s legacy," Smith writes on the Facebook page, Paws for HOPE and FAITH.

Terrific Tootsie

Terrific Tootsie

Considering her rough background, Tootsie is amazingly forgiving. Exiled to the outdoors her entire life, kept only to produce litter after litter of puppies, Tootsie came into Macon Animal Control some time ago.

The over-breeding affected her health, but the shelter and volunteers saw to it that Tootsie received the care she needed.

Fully recovered, now, Tootsie is spayed, has all her shots and is on heartworm prevention.

Tootsie loves people in spite of the way she lived before coming to the shelter. She spent some time at Endless Love Pet Palace, and proved to be playful and energetic.

Endless Love Pet Palace Donates Daycare for Pets Adopted from Macon Animal Control This Week

Endless Love Pet Palace Donates Daycare for Pets Adopted from Macon Animal Control This Week

Endless Love Pet Palace has donated 10 certificates for free dog or cat daycare at their Warner Robins facility to the first 10 pets adopted from Macon Animal Control this week.

The Valentine's Day gift special coupons may be picked up at the shelter at the time of adoption. Dogs or cats must be adopted anytime between Feb. 13-17 to be eligible.

Endless Love Pet Palace has certain inoculation requirements for pets coming into daycare. The information is on the coupon, or you can read it on their web page by clicking on this link.

Click here to see a slideshow of many of the dogs and cats that need to be saved before Wednesday.

Can't Adopt? You Can Still Help Homeless Animals

Can't Adopt? You Can Still Help Homeless Animals

Homeless pets -- lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats that wind up at area Animal Control shelters or with rescue groups -- are an ongoing problem in the Macon area. Thousands of pets become homeless yearly, and many of these are euthanized.

If you can't adopt or foster a dog or cat, you can still help these animals get a second chance at a loving home.

Donate essentials. Macon, Monroe County and other area animal control shelters accept donations of dog food. Often, the shelter shares the food with rescue groups, but the shelter sometimes runs short when there is an influx of animals.

Monroe County Animal Control only handles dogs, but other shelters can use both cat and dog food, plus cat litter. All of the shelters regularly need puppy pads.

Toys and treats are also welcomed.

Pet Tips: The Harsh Realities of Animal Control

Pet Tips: The Harsh Realities of Animal Control

Although no one likes to think about it, all municipal animal control shelters face an ongoing, uphill battle to care for the community's homeless, abused lost and abandoned dogs and cats.

In today's Pet Tips video, Van VanDeWalker of Macon Animal Control explains how Animal Control works and why the shelter must occasionally euthanize perfectly healthy, adoptable dogs and cats.

More than a dozen prepaid adoptions are still available for individuals or families to adopt a pet from the shelter free. Adoptions help make room at the shelter and save lives. You do not have to be a Bibb County resident to adopt.

Watch the video, then check out our photo gallery of the pets who desperately need new homes.

Macon Animal Control shelter is at 1010 Eleventh Street, off Lower Poplar, behind the landfill weigh station.

They are open until 5:30 p.m. weekdays. 


Meeting the Unspoken Challenge: Anonymous Donor Gives Shelter $750

Meeting the Unspoken Challenge: Anonymous Donor Gives Shelter $750

The party and adoption event at Macon Animal Control shelter to celebrate mascot AC Pup's third birthday brought an unexpected surprise: an anonymous donation of $750 to prepay 10 more adoption fees.

Mallory Jones apparently started a trend when he donated $750 a few weeks ago. Although no one publicly threw down the gauntlet to challenge others to follow suit, two other Macon residents also came forward to donate $750 each.

Those three donations, plus donations from other residents inspired by Jones' generosity, prepaid more than 30 adoption fees, allowing residents to adopt a pet for free.

Tom Wagoner and Carol Wheeler each donated $750 to the shelter in mid-January. By that time, the first donation was used up and "The Mallory 10" were all adopted.