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Finally rain! We started hearing thunder about 4 p.m. and the rain started about 15 minutes later. Then we got a real surprise. Hail. The hail ranged from marble to pea size and lasted about 20 minutes.  

Take a look at the video I shot toward the end of the storm.

Hello Summer?

Hello Summer?

The official season doesn’t start until June 21st, but it already feels like summer here in Central Georgia. On top of the heat, it feels like summer because all the kids are out of school and area pools and lakes are packed, especially on the weekends.

The hot weather can be brutal and that’s why you need to handle the heat with care. Here are a few basic tips.

Pray, Dance, Seed the Clouds, Drive Backwards on a NASCAR Track! Someone, do something.


It's only the first part of June & I can't remember it being this hot and dry so early in the season. Let's hope that once the pattern changes it stays changed. I was in Northeast Georgia Tuesday and South Georgia yesterday and this morning, trust me, you can't tell the difference from one end of the state to the other, it's hot, dry and dusty. I checked my weather stations history and the temperature peaked at 103° at 2:30pm Wednesday.

It's showing a falling barometer so let's hope that's good news on the way.

Drought Conditions Worsen for Central Georgia

Drought Conditions Worsen for Central Georgia

The drought situation here in Central Georgia continues to exacerbate. Most of the area is now considered to be in an extreme drought, basically from Macon southward. Areas north of Macon, including Milledgeville, Gray, and Forsyth, are classified as being in a severe drought. As of June 1st, we are 7.20 inches below normal for the year.

Let’s take a quick look back and see how we got so far behind in the rainfall department.

In March, we got just over 4 inches of rain…which was over three quarters of an inch below normal.

In April, we only got 1.30 inches which is close to 2 inches below normal for the month.

In May, we got less than an inch of rain! We only received 0.66” in the rain bucket, which is 2 and a third inches below normal for the month.

Storms Move Into Eastern Monroe County

Storms Move Into Eastern Monroe County

Here is a quick video of the outflow ahead of the storms yesterday evening. I shot this about 6:35pm. It's 4:00am now and the electricity has just been restored. Thanks Central Georgia EMC! Be sure when you see the folks from your electric company you take a second and say thank you. Remember, it's not just your house that lost power. They worked through the night getting the power back on for over 100,000 Georgians.

The photos show some of the damage in my neighborhood.

Wind Damage, Still No Rain

It was a rough afternoon in Eastern Monroe County. We barley got a sprinkle of rain, but the wind was terrible. The power is off in the Bowdoin area of Juliette. We have multiple trees and power lines down and my yard looks like a hurricane hit. I shot some video of the wind moving through about 6:35 and I will post it when the electricity is restored. I was watching the radar about the time it hit, and maybe Ben and the weather team can verify this, but it looked like this area was caught between two storms and we were getting the outflow from both. I'll get the video and photos of the damage up soon.

What kind of weather are you having?


We want to know what kind of weather you experience tonight.

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